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  1. Manhattanhenge

    13 Jul 2019

    East of the Sun (And West of the Moon). Staying gold with Ariel Goldner during tonight’s Manhattanhenge on July 12, 2019. As the Sun sets around the time of the summer solstice, it perfectly aligns with Manhattan’s east-west numbered streets, offering the opportunity to capture cinema-worthy photos Thanks for stopping…

  2. Tea Couture with Theresa Krier

    22 Apr 2019

    Theresa Krier, founder of @bigtnyc, was inspired to create a delicious, calorie-free, wellness-enhancing beverage for models while working backstage at NY Fashion Week. We met over the weekend, and I couldn’t get over the fact how fun and silly it was to be in her company sipping strawberry tea on…

  3. ITO EN Corporate Photo Shoot at Brooklyn Historical Society

    21 Apr 2019

    I had the opportunity to execute a group portrait with ITO EN, a Japanese multinational drinks company specializing in tea production, distribution, and sales, at Brooklyn Historical Society in mid April, and here were the results When scouting locations, it’s important to communicate with the building manager on the type of pictures you want…

  4. Yasumasa Morimura’s Ego Obscura Preview at Japan Society

    20 Oct 2018

    Picture a day before opening night, a reception full of delightful members and guests, unlimited sake, ito en tea, snacks, and an art exhibit waiting for me to explore Japan Society has really out done themselves this season. Yasumasa Morimura’s Ego Obscura solo exhibition is a must see this Fall…

  5. The Mile-Long Opera Portraits

    09 Oct 2018

    People don’t quite understand how beautiful people are all around us. With my eyes, I want to show you what I see through the lens of my camera. Here are my portraits of The Mile-Long Opera: a biography of 7 o’clock I captured on opening night. 1000 professional and avocational…

  6. Taste Williamsburg Greenpoint 2018 Recap

    18 Sep 2018

    TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint is an annual outdoor celebration of North Brooklyn’s local flavor. Entering its 8th year, this block party style tasting event features samples from over 40 of the neighborhood’s best restaurants, bars, breweries and wineries, along with live music and desserts. Here are some of my highlights. The…

  7. The Wild Trees with Claudia and Monica

    29 Aug 2018

    Photographing Claudia and Monica was my highlight of the day. Friends since childhood, there’s this amazing energy and love, not to mention silliness, when they’re together. It makes bringing a camera with me everywhere I go worthwhile. #girlboss Clau chilling in the park. I used a 25mm wide angle lens…

  8. Indie Beauty Expo NY 2018 Recap

    24 Aug 2018

    I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Indie Beauty Expo 2018 in New York in late August. Not something you typically hear from a guy who’s used a few beauty products here and there, but to meet the entrepreneurs behind the indie brands, sample their products, and listen to their…

  9. Creature Comfort with Cassandra Orefice

    09 Aug 2018

    I’ve always been curious about people. Ever since I bought my first camera seven years ago, I shot exclusively street and travel photography. However, I would always try to include a human element into my composition. I felt that if there wasn’t a person in the image, it made it…

  10. Poetry in Motion with Gabrielle and Jenna

    07 Aug 2018

    Capturing the graceful movement of Gabrielle Alana and Jenna Marie along the pier was an fantastic experience. Gabriella and Jenna, shown above, are professional dancers from Ballet Hispánico, a premier Latino dance organization in the US, that brings individuals and communities together to celebrate and explore Latino cultures through dance.…

  11. Artist Spotlight - Miyuki Hyodo - MaKaRi Summer Group Exhibition

    26 Jul 2018

    On July 26, 2018, Makari, a Japanese antique shop near Union Square, hosted a summer group exhibition showcasing local Japanese artist in New York. I was very excited to meet Miyuki Hyodo, a Wagashi chef based in NY, who I followed through mutual friends. For those who don’t know, Wagashi…

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