1. Indie Beauty Expo NY 2018 Recap

    Date 24 Aug 2018
    I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Indie Beauty Expo 2018 in New York in late August. Not something you typically hear from a guy who’s used a few beauty products here and there, but to meet the entrepreneurs behind the indie brands, sample their products, and listen to their…

  2. Homemade Dumplings at The Brooklyn Kitchen

    Date 16 Aug 2018
    Skip the frozen section, making dumplings at home is as exciting as it is delicious. Specializing in interactive and educational experiences that redefine home cooking for everyone, The Brooklyn Kitchen is a radical cooking school with locations in Williamsburg and Sunset Park. I visited their branch in Industry City to level up…

  3. Love and Compassion with Taisan and Mio

    Date 10 Aug 2018
    When you watch a performance that is so raw and expressive, it changes the way you see the world for a moment. Tenri Cultural Institute, a Japanese language school located in New York, held their 73rd year Commemoration of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings on 8/9/18. Taisan, a Japanese…

  4. Creature Comfort with Cassandra Orefice

    Date 09 Aug 2018
    I’ve always been curious about people. Ever since I bought my first camera seven years ago, I shot exclusively street and travel photography. However, I would always try to include a human element into my composition. I felt that if there wasn’t a person in the image, it made it…

  5. Poetry in Motion with Gabrielle and Jenna

    Date 07 Aug 2018
    Capturing the graceful movement of Gabrielle Alana and Jenna Marie along the pier was an fantastic experience. Gabriella and Jenna, shown above, are professional dancers from Ballet Hispánico, a premier Latino dance organization in the US, that brings individuals and communities together to celebrate and explore Latino cultures through dance.…

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