1. Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn Event Recap

    Date 13 Sep 2018
    I had the pleasure of attending Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn in early September after winning a raffle ticket at a fitness event with Alli Forsythe and Cassandra Bianco in Industry City. The whole “I never win anything” has become a thing of the past!Wanderlust 108 is what they, aka marketers, call…

  2. Guggenheim Giacometti Exhibition Recap

    Date 12 Sep 2018
    With the Giacometti exhibition coming to a close at the Guggenheim Museum, I’d like to share my favorite pieces that inspired me the most.A preeminent artist of the 20th century, Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966) investigated the human figure for more than 40 years. This comprehensive exhibition, a collaboration with the Fondation…

  3. Clean + Dirty Drinking with Gaby Mlynarczyk at Williams Sonoma Columbus Circle

    Date 01 Sep 2018
    With book launches happening frequently around New York, you’d be hard pressed to find something you don’t like. Earlier this week, Gaby Mlynarczyk, bartender and blogger based in Santa Monica, California, hosted a mixology class at Williams Sonoma Columbus Circle. Let’s be honest, the only times when you hear the words…

  4. The Wild Trees with Claudia and Monica

    Date 29 Aug 2018
    Photographing Claudia and Monica was my highlight of the day. Friends since childhood, there’s this amazing energy and love, not to mention silliness, when they’re together. It makes bringing a camera with me everywhere I go worthwhile. #girlboss Clau chilling in the park. I used a 25mm wide angle lens…

  5. Outfit of the Day with Ariel Nichole

    Date 28 Aug 2018
    I had the pleasure of photographing Ariel Nichole, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from New Jersey, in New York City last weekend. Using natural light, we experimented with different poses and expressions to evoke a light and airy vibe. Combining the look with nude makeup, the results turned out fantastic. …

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