Oaxaca: A Culinary Mixtec Experience with Chef Olga Cabrera Recap

Food has this wonderful ability to bring people together. Olga
Cabrera, chef at “Tierra Del Sol Casa Restaurant” in Oaxaca, offered a
demonstration and taste menu of the delicacies of her traditional Mixteca
cuisine at the National Museum of the American Indian. With the firm intention
of preserving the authentic recipes of grandmother’s kitchens, chef Cabrera spoke
in length about how to conserve traditional recipes with 100% original
ingredients coming from all regions of Oaxaca.

Out of all the traditions in Oaxaca and Mexico, its cuisine is without a doubt the richest and most varied. Chef Cabrera endorses these roots with her Mixtec food, a tradition that with her wisdom and native ingredients has become an art. the art of fine dining.

Picture of Olga with her friends and family.

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You can learn more about Chef Cabrera and her restaurant by visiting http://www.tierradelsol.mx/.

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