Indie Beauty Expo NY 2018 Recap

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Indie Beauty Expo 2018 in New York in late August. Not something you typically hear from a guy who’s used a few beauty products here and there, but to meet the entrepreneurs behind the indie brands, sample their products, and listen to their stories was a delight.

In a industry where there’s so much choice for the everyday woman, I believe customer service is paramount. In fact, three brands in particular stuck
out to me from the pack.

1. Lau Botanicals

I knew the moment I met Hillary from Lau Botanicals, she had such a
positive energy around her I was immediately drawn in. Everything from Lau Botanical’s logo, beautiful packaging, and tropical palm leaves, Hillary’s products left a great impression on me. She brought a little piece of
Hawaii to New York, and put everyone to shame. It was like finding an oasis in a desert.

2. Sphatika Skincare & Spa
The folks at Sphatika we’re so nice. They gave me an amazing hand massage on the show floor, and walked me through all of their skincare products and spa services. What I appreciate was the pacing of how they presented their products. Not rushed or to slow. They answered all my questions, and we’re always excited to see me every time I passed by their booth.

3. Honey Belle
Meeting one of the owners, Calvin, face to face was such a great experience. He was down to earth and had this incredible confidence about him. My friends Mary and Lindly swear by their products, and I can see why. Natural and affordable skin products without sacrificing quality is a win. From the beautiful curated products on the showfloor, to the personable staff, it’s hard to leave without a smile. I didn’t know Jade rollers were a thing until now.

Missed the show? I got you covered.

You can learn more about these wonderful Indie brands below:

Lau Botanicals website, Instagram, Facebook
Sphatika Skincare & Spa website
Honey Belle website, Instagram, Facebook

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