Artist Spotlight - Vita Eruhimovitz

On a quiet Saturday morning in New York, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Israeli artist Vita Eruhimovitz. Her current exhibition, on view to the public every weekend at Governors Island (Building 406) through September 30th, taps into the Homo Technicus relationship with land and landscape. With her background in computer science and bioinformatics, she explores these topics through different mediums such as sculpture, painting, drawing and interactive art.

Vibrant paintings breath life to this abandoned three-story two-family home on Colonels Row

Interesting things I learned about Vita is we both lived in Australia for a year and half! However she lived in Melbourne, and I lived in Sydney. Although Sydney has beautiful beaches and nature, Melbourne has fantastic food and culture.

Vita glaces out the window

You can learn more about Vita by visiting the links below.

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