Artist Spotlight - Ken Goshen

Ken, with his head down reading Roger Scruton's book "Beauty: A Very Short Introduction" in silence, lifts his head up and greets me with a smile. Ken Goshen is one of the eighty artists apart of 4head's Governors Island Art Fair, and it was an honor to meet him. The moment I walked into his exhibit, I was immediately drawn to the playfulness of the soldiers depicted in his paintings. A contrast to the somber reality of war.

A few paintings and text

"This body of work is my attempt to engage with, expression, and explore memories from my military service in the Israeli Defense Forces. What captures me most when reflecting over these years is a sharp contrast between two opposing experiences. The somber reality of a nation in conflict, and a seemingly inevitable ambience of youthful play. Israelis are mandated to join the military directly after high school, forcing an adolescent mentality to hastily give way tentative maturity. With life and death on the line, the teenager must suddenly reckon with real stakes and consequences. The result is an unstable hybrid -- forced at once to be both peurile and mature; a life of contradiction, full of charming imperfections. This project is inspired by moments when the child can be seen through the cracks in the soldier veneer, casting a dream like spell on the concrete, mundane surrounding of military drudgery."  - Ken Goshen

Like me, Ken was camera shy, but that didn't stop us from creating great portraits.

Ken reads quietly by the window sill.

I always enjoy working with natural light. It was a beautiful sunny day in Governors Island, so I used window light to my advantage. After moving my talent around the room and finding the most flattering light, we made it work.

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