Artist Spotlight - Eva Nikolova

Since I started Artist Spotlight, it always surprises me how much you can learn from one another just by shutting up and taking a minute to listen. What I come away with is not only a better understanding of the person's artwork, but their character. In September I met Eva Nikolova, a Bulgarian‐born visual artist based in New York who works in drawing, printmaking, painting, hand‐drawn animation and cameraless photography. In fact, she currently teaches at 92Y, and offers her students a variety of courses from print-less printmaking, watercolor painting, and drawing. After spending an hour with her creating prints without a printer using Japanese Kozo paper, Akua Intaglio Inks, and color pencils, for once in my life I dispelled the belief I couldn't draw. Thanks to her encouragement, I put aside my fears of drawing and started creating.

Eva and her students at 92Y

"My work grows out of a sense of place - a place which, while it is very much part of me, I am no longer a part of. The deep affinity I feel for emblematically Balkan structures and sites is the corollary to the rapid homogenization of space in a world madly rushing towards cultural and economic singularity. But the intense gravitational pull of these images on my immigrant’s imagination is also rooted in a sense of personal dislocation – as much cultural as physical. In grappling with the meaning of “Home”, the house – the archetypal image of home – takes on narratives of memory, longing, desire, and ultimately opens up onto issues of identity. Architecture becomes the allegorical guise through which I explore the connections between iconic cultural objects and the construction of identity and memory - personal and collective, individual and national." - Eva Nikolova

In fact, Eva told me moving to New York was the best decision she ever made. Although she received her BFA in Painting/Printmaking from Southern Illinois University and MFA in Printmaking from Indiana University, Bloomington, both wonderful schools, she still felt foreign living in the Midwest. Once she moved to New York, she instantly felt at home with its diversity. Here in New York she could express herself as an artist, and go on to develop a passion for teaching.

Eva thins out the Akua ink onto the plexiglass using a speedball roller.

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