Artist Spotlight - Emma Louise Moore

Over Labor Day weekend, I had the pleasure to meet and photograph Emma Louise Moore, a sculptor and ceramic artist, at Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF), New York’s largest independent art exhibition that drives 60,000 visitors annually. Organized by 4heads, a nonprofit organization created by artists for artists, 80 artists from all over the world were chosen to display their works to the public. Emma was one of them.

Apologies to the Next Generation

What I found fascinating about Emma's work was how she transformed an entire kitchen into a story. For example, "Apologies to the Next Generation" is a piece she created to remind us to think carefully about our carbon footprint on earth.

What looks to be taken from the set of a horror movie, from taxidermy cows to babies made of silicon, Emma shows us the negative impact of mass consumption and plastic waste. In other words, we are all responsible for taking care of our planet, and saying "oops" doesn't cut it. Change starts with us.

The many faces of Emma

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