Artist Spotlight - Claire Lachow

Claire Lachow is a Brooklyn-based artist and founding member of the artist collective MATERIAL GIRLS. Her current exhibit titled "it's the thought that counts" on display at Governors Island Art Fair every weekend September 1-30th, probes the case of digital objects and flatness in the material world.

I'm already on board with the font.

In fact, out of all of the other artists I've met at the art fair, Claire was the goofiest. And I believe it translates masterfully into the art she creates. Whatever that means. Imagine how many people got flipped off by the hand dangling off the ceiling since the fair opened. Millions.

The way Claire created each piece/sculpture is really well done. While all of them are flat in person, they look three-dimensional depending on the angle you look at them.

Ah yes, the good old f you.

Full gallery after the break! Wait what break.

You can learn more about Claire by visiting the links below.

Lastly, congratulations to Claire and Hector.

Thank you for reading.

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